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12th of August, 2021 - by PreciousChartist


The following article has been written by PreciousChartist, a trader who has been trading very successfully in various markets for more than 20 years based on chart analysis. The article does not reflect the opinion of torck capital management and is not investment advice.

XAU/USD – Weekly

What a week! $1670 held again as support during the Monday morning flash crash (which was most probably driven by a large liquidation). The weekly candle looks ugly but in terms of the range and support level I talked about last month there is not big change in the bigger picture. For the patient traders who work with limit orders it was a good opportunity to get some long exposure.

For the longs, $1670 needs to hold and for the more risk averse ones we need to see a break to the upside through the base line which comes in at around $1845.


XAU/USD - Daily

As mentioned in my previous month comment the dip enabled patient buyers to get some long exposure. Currently the price is sitting right at the large liquidity pool of $1750 and it probably will consolidate there for a while.

Last week we quickly got tricked by the price pushing through the base line but then on Monday straight through it on the downside again. What remains is the confluence of the $1845 which seems to be the current resistance plus the upper end of the Ichimoku cloud. This is an important level for the bulls. I am expecting some buying momentum to come in if/when we break that level to the upside.

The downside level to watch remains the $1670.


XAU/USD – 4 hours

Yeah… it looks ugly I have to agree. There is not much to add on this chart. It does not show any immediate trade setups.


XAG/USD – Weekly

In no man’s land. We are between the two larger liquidity pools which I have drawn already last month. Both of my bullish pattern (the flat and the triangle) are out of scope now. No trade setup as long we are in the middle of the range.


XAG/USD – Daily

Pretty much the same story here. The $22 level shows some intermediate support but I would still wait till we are closer to either the upper or lower end of the range and then check for a potential trade setup.


XAG/USD – 4 hours

It is looking a bit clearer here in terms of bullish trade setups. We need to take out the $26 level before even thinking about any long positions. The downside is already covered by the range we defined on the daily chart.


GDXJ – Weekly

Many potential bullish patterns got erased with the Monday flash crash in Gold. Same here on the potential symmetrical triangle. The Ichimoku cloud is still bullish but the market sentiment does not feel bullish. $31.50 is the support level to watch.


GDXJ – Daily

Maybe we are in a downward moving channel and currently just sitting on the lower end of it. For the brave ones go long here with a target towards $47. But there is no clear stop, so I would rather play it as a 3-leg strategy to go long the first leg now. Place a second bid in the $37 region and the last one at around $33. Then you can place the stop just below the $31.50. Your target is in the region of $56.


GDXJ – 4 hours

No additional comments to make on the 4 hours chart I am afraid…



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